Manual Chemical Process Safety, Fourth Edition: Learning from Case Histories

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Employees of the chemical manufacturing industries, petroleum refineries, specialty chemical industries, engineering companies and consultants who serve the chemical and petroleum industries, and academics interested in including process safety into their curriculums. The descriptions are well written, easy to read and bring out the essentials of each incident.

Everyone who works in the process industries, from operator to operations director, should read the book". We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

Chemical Process Safety

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What Went Wrong: Case Histories of Process Plant Disasters - PDF Free Download

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Institutional Subscription. Free Shipping Free global shipping No minimum order. Features additional new chapters covering safety culture, maintaining a sense of vulnerability, and additional learning opportunities from recent incidents and near misses Contains updated information from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Safety Council, with concise summaries of some of the most important case histories of the twenty-first century Includes significantly expanded information from the US Chemical Safety Board, US OSHA, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the UK Health and Safety Executive HSE Provides a completely updated chapter to guide readers to a wealth of reference material available on the web and elsewhere.

What events resulted in fatal occupational injuries in ? Just how dangerous is it to work in a US chemical plant? How are the chemical and refinery industries doing today when it comes to major losses? And what should we do in the future? Process safety culture 2: Good intentions Abstract Modifications made with good intentions A tank truck catastrophically fails Siphoning destroys a tender tank Tank roof splits from overfilling A well-intended change yields a storage tank collapse A water drain line is altered and a reactor explodes An air system is improved and a vessel blows up A new air system improved economics, but jeopardized safety Another incident with nitrogen backup for a compressed air supply The hazards of nitrogen asphyxiation Concerns for safety on a refrigerated ethylene tank Beware of impurities, stabilizers, or substitute chemicals Good intentions on certain new protection systems lead to troubles A gas compressor is protected from dirt, but the plant catches fire A replacement check valve installed — one detail overlooked What was one of the immediate causes of the fire?

What did investigators recommend? What happened immediately after the release? An expensive explosion occurred but fortunately no one was injured. The operator was disciplined. So, he made a point to tell each new operator trainee his story and how to prevent a repeat. This is one very effective way to expose potential vulnerability. Share investigation team case histories with all affected employees — and repeat in refresher training. When a serious incident with wide impact occurs within a complex, most organizations share the details with those in engineering, operations, maintenance and pertinent support groups.

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Many also share a near-miss that provides a learning opportunity. Those organizations with a good safety culture educate new faces about these incidents and repeat the learnings regularly as a refresher. Strive to enhance the presentation of these local incidents with vivid photos or videos. Each installment, which is free, is a one-page lesson loaded with practical and sage guidance from a team of volunteer experts.

King gives an ideal introduction:. Most Beacons are based on process industry incidents. The Beacon is intended to make plant workers aware of what happened, and what they can do to prevent a similar incident in their own plant. All Beacons include pictures related to the incident or hazard being discussed. They are intended to provide short, easy to read and understandable process safety lessons. The Beacon is downloadable in about 30 languages.

Get a free subscription. Show videos produced by the U. Chemical Safety Board.

The Factory Act 1948 chapter 4(1) - Provisions related to Hazardous process

The U. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board CSB has developed more than four dozen videos to enhance safety in the process industries. Some of these videos are gut wrenching. All are well done — and are available free of charge. Presenting selected videos to all employees associated with those potential situations increases vulnerability awareness. This refinery explosion and fire that killed 15 workers, injured others and resulted in billions of dollars in economic losses has been well studied and you need to hear the lessons.

To see the roster of all videos, check: www. This realistic documentary, which is about 30 minutes long, includes video of the fire and gas pipeline explosions taken from nearby ships [4]. This well-produced video emphasizes management of change, permits to work, safety culture, disabling of safeguards, reluctance to shut down, communications during emergencies and other process safety issues. It underscores the repercussions of a poor safety culture and weak operating discipline. I suggest using this video in an interactive manner to instill the importance of a good safety culture.

Individuals who design, operate and maintain chemical plants and refineries should find the within-the-fence information and numerous supporting photos valuable. These superb booklets cover fundamentals that can supplement operator and mechanic awareness and training. They provide a wealth of case histories of hard-learned lessons. They certainly can increase the sense of vulnerability. Currently, 17 titles are available. Use the Internet to find current incidents and some from the past. National and international wire services often provide the more-frightening photos and more-focused stories.