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Connect with The Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science

Thank you, Jeremy. The aim of the Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science OSAC is to identify and promote technically sound, consensus-based, fit-for-purpose documentary standards that are based on sound scientific principles. The Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence CSAFE partners with forensic investigators around the world to respond to the increased need for strong, quantitative assessments of evidence presented in court. A collaboration between Iowa State University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Virginia, and University of California, Irvine, CSAFE brings together scientists, statisticians, forensic practitioners and other stakeholders focused on research that improves the scientific foundations of pattern and digital evidence analysis.

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The CSAFE community works to increase confidence in the accuracy of results of forensic investigations through new techniques in forensic data evaluation. The center has also developed partnerships with state and federal crime laboratories in a joint effort to create objective, repeatable standards and methods to reduce human related bias, risk and error.

A central mission of CSAFE is to provide forensic science investigators, judges, lawyers, and law enforcement officials with the tools to decipher forensic science results through training and educational initiatives. CSAFE Center Wide Webinars represent a new learning opportunity for the greater forensic science community to increase proficiency in the statistical foundations of forensic evidence.

Thus far, CSAFE researchers and collaborators have presented on likelihood ratios for pattern evidence, a generative approach to forensic shoeprint recognition, algorithmic approaches to bullet matching, and case processing and human factors at crime laboratories.

Fatal fire investigation: the evidence

Each webinar focuses on improving the ability to interpret evidence analysis results and communicate findings effectively. Additional webinars on a variety of topics relevant to the diverse forensic science field have been scheduled for the upcoming year.

Individuals unable to take part on the day of the event are able to view publicly available recordings of presentations and subsequent discussions. CSAFE encourages members of the forensic science community to share this educational opportunity with colleagues who would benefit from increased knowledge of statistical applications in pattern and digital evidence. Email Traci. Download Jason's CV.

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    Fire Investigations

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    OSAC Newsletter, September 2017

    After graduating from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Plainfield, IN in , Brian joined the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department and is currently a Sergeant supervisor of a team of officers assigned to the road patrol division. Email Brian. Download Keith's CV. T: Email Us.

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    Search Results. Gary Barnett. Jason Barnett. Additionally, he has received over 4, hours of specialized training in investigations, origin and cause as well as post blast investigations.

    Forensic Investigation of Explosions

    State Department, to assist in large explosion and fire investigations throughout the world. He has conducted investigations of large-scale losses involving both fires and explosions, often as lead CFI, throughout the United States and internationally. Ken has received extensive training in all aspects of fire and explosion investigations.

    He has conducted investigations related to fire and explosions involving vehicles and residences as well as large industrial and commercial scenes. Ken has also instructed fire and explosion investigators nationally and internationally. He has completed additional study in Fire Science though the University of Maryland. He has conducted investigations of large-scale losses involving both fires and explosions throughout the United States and Internationally.