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Summary Residual soils are found in many parts of the world and are used extensively as construction materials for roads, embankments and dams, and to support the foundations of buildings, bridges and load-bearing pavements. The characteristics and engineering properties of residual soils can differ significantly from those of the more familiar transported soils. The fact that residual soils occur often in areas with tropical and sub-tropical climates and extensively in semi-arid climates, adds another dimension to their engineering performance, that of unsaturation.

Although there are many books th. It was written as a practical professional guide for geotechnical engineers working with residual soils. Contents 1. Blight 2. Fourie [and others] 3. Simmons 4. Simmons 5. Blight 6.

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Blight 7. Brenner, V. Blight 8. Machine generated contents note: 1. Blight 1. Definitions relating to residual soils 1. Rock weathering processes 1. The effects of climate 1. The effects of topographic relief 1. General characteristics of residual soils 1. Depth and intensity of weathering 1. More about pedocretes 1.

Transported soils that have weathered in situ 1. The weathering of soluble limestones and dolomites 1. Dispersive soils 1. Relict structures in residual soils that may affect their engineering performance 1. Rapidity of weathering 1. Detailed examination of a typical soil profile residual from an igneous rock 1. An introduction to the mechanics of unsaturated soils References 2. Wesley 2. Microstructure and mineralogy related to weathering 2. Mineralogy and occurrence of weathering products Contents note continued: 2.

Determination of mineralogical composition 2. Microstructure of residual soils 2. Mineralogy and microstructure related to geotechnical properties 2. Examples of the mineralogy of a residual profile 2. Overcoming difficulties in measuring index parameters for residual soils 2. Classification of residual soils 2. Example of classification of a residual soil 3. Simmons 3. Soil engineering survey 3. Soil engineering data 3.

Detailed information on strength and permeability 3. Profile description 3. Simple in situ tests and soil sampling 3.

Taking undisturbed soil samples for laboratory testing 4. The compaction process 4. Consequences of unsatisfactory compaction 4. The mechanisms of compaction Contents note continued: 4. Laboratory compaction 4. Precautions to be taken with laboratory compaction 4. Roller compaction in the field 4. Relationships between saturated permeability to water flow and optimum water content 4. Designing a compacted clay layer for permeability 4.

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Seepage through field-compacted layers 4. Control of compaction in the field 4. Special considerations for work in climates with large rates of evaporation 4. Additional points for consideration 4. Compaction of residual soils 4. The mechanics of unsaturated compacted soils during and after construction 4. Pore air pressures caused by undrained compression 4. Summary 5. Blight 5. Darcy's and Fick's laws of steady state flow 5. Displacement of water from soil by air Contents note continued: 5. Unsteady flow of air through partly saturated and dry soils 5. Unsteady flow of air through unsaturated soil 5.

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Measuring permeability to water flow in the laboratory 5. Observed differences between small scale and large scale permeability measurements 5. Laboratory tests for permeability to water flow 5. Measuring permeability to air flow 5. Methods for measuring water permeability in situ 5. Total Pageviews. Search This Blog. Follow by Email. Categories 1. Civil Engineering Books 1. General Civil 32 1. Structural Analysis 1. Building Construction 9 1. Project Management 4 2. Building Codes 3 3. Civil Engineering Software Books 5 4. Learning Videos 2 4. English Books 1.

Civil Engineering Books , 1. Link download: at Book Title. Introducing the first integrated coverage of sedimentary and residual soil engineering. Despite its prevalence in under-developed parts of the United States and most tropical and sub-tropical countries, residual soil is often characterized as a mere extension of conventional soil mechanics in many textbooks. Now, with the rapid growth of construction in these regions, it is essential to gain a fuller understanding of residual soils and their properties—one that's based on an integrated approach to the study of residual and sedimentary soils.

The first resource to provide equal treatment of both residual and sedimentary soils and their unique engineering properties, this skill-building guide offers:. Email This BlogThis!

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