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The Beryllium Murder Series Title: Gloria Lamerino series by Minichino, Camile When her colleague suddenly dies from a case of beryllium poisoning while working in his physics laboratory in California, Gloria Lamerino, a fellow physicist and proven amateur detective, questions the findings and begins to research the case herself. Beyond Bingo by Miller, Joan Drummond Several "little old ladies" in Pacific Grove encourage one another to grasp life anew and act a bit outrageous.

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Fool's Puzzle Series Title: Benni Harper series by Fowler, Earlene Thirty-four-year-old widow Benni Harper takes a job as curator of the San Celina folk art museum only to find herself embroiled in the murder of an artist and small-town intrigues that shed new light on her own late husband's death. The idea of working among astronauts-in-training at the Johnson Space Center in Houston sounds great, except that the woman who hired Julie is Vic's old girlfriend.

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Jeri Howard discovers that Renee is actually Elizabeth Willis, the older sister in a sensational parent-murdering case that sent her younger brother to prison. Murder, My Deer Series Title: Kate Jasper series by Girdner, Jaqueline Newly married Kate Jasper is forced to put her honeymoon on hold when she finds herself targeted by a radical group of deer supporters and must track down a killer before it is too late.

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I enjoyed talking with you. Seems like a fun thing to do for Black Heart readers. Black Heart Magazine. Do you have a favorite quote about the writing process?

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How does your geographic location influence your writing? Has your past influenced your writing at all, and if so, how? A good strong cup of Earl Grey tea, slightly sweetened. What are your hobbies, outside of writing? If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? Dig this? Share it! Like this: Like Loading Thanks for the tip, Nancy.

It gets easier as you practice and your writing will improve. I look back on The Death Contingency , the first book I wrote, and can see me learning as the book progresses. I know, I know, I have the taste of a seven-year-old boy. How long will you keep writing? You can click here for my website. All the books are there and most first chapters are up for you to read. You can find my Amazon author page by clicking here.

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The ebook version of The Glass House will go live on July 25, , to be followed by a print version soon after that. Pre-order and save a couple of bucks because the price will go up after release. If you pre-order the book by the 25th and email Nancy with proof of purchase and the email address of a friend, Nancy will send that friend a free copy.

It seemed like June was gone in a flash flood—we had lots of rain , but I did manage to get a lot of reading done during the month. That is, a lot for me. This was a little different from the mysteries I usually read, but I enjoyed it. It was cool to see the same events from the perspectives of three characters. It features a female private investigator, which I loved, and her computer-savvy sidekick.

There are a variety of red herrings, but our intrepid heroine figures things out in the end. The Merlon Murders by Victoria Benchley is the first book in a two-book series read: it ends in a cliffhanger, so be ready to scoop up the second book and start reading right away!

A Neighborly Killing

The book was geared to young cooks more than I expected, but it was still a fun, easy read. The book is a quick read and I learned a lot about Tehachapi, an area of California that was home to the Kawaiisu tribe of Native Americans. The book draws the reader in with the promise of suspense, and there is plenty of it in this book.

Following the twists and turns is fun, and I was sure I knew what would happen on more than one occasion. I was wrong, which thrilled me! Looking forward to Malone Mystery 4.

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It was an interesting story about corruption in the ancient city of Corinth and how a young girl and her father face choices they must make in the face of adversity. The main character, Ariadne, is complex and, at times, misguided and angry. Watching her grow and learn about this new system of beliefs called Christianity is uplifting and inspiring.

And when the ex-wife shows up dead, there are suspects aplenty, beginning with the eldest child of the couple. The mystery was intriguing, with enough red herrings, suspects, and twists to please any discerning mystery lover. Highly recommend! Have you seen my new book cover? If this is your first time seeing it, join my newsletter by clicking here! Welcome, Carolyn!

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I just published the first book in a new paranormal cozy mystery series. Get Up and Ghost is a psychic medium mystery about a woman who works for the historical society in a small North Georgia town called Castleberry. She falls down the last part of the stairs at work, bumps her head and suddenly starts seeing ghosts. I live in the southern part of North Georgia, and I know this area well. The town is fictional, but I modeled it after a few local towns nearby to give it a traditional small town, North Georgia appeal. Two things tie as the hardest part.

I needed to make the character unique, and the storyline different. I also have another cozy series in a similar area, so I had to keep them different also. They are similar in some ways because there are two older women characters, but they are different types of older characters, and the main character is different. Oh gosh.

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